Her Agency


Choreographer: Hannah Adams in collaboration with the performers

Performers: Marta Stepien, Greta Gauhe, Hannah Adams

Composer: Jess Ward


Performance on the 19th of FEB, 19:30h as part of the Resolution Festival at The Place Theatre, London.

Tickets and more information HERE

In Her Agency three performers and a composer embark on a journey, exploring womanhood and female empowerment. They work with a consideration of bodily integrity and personal autonomy. The performance will highlight the importance of mutual support in the time of social isolation. Social, political and ecological systems are undergoing radical changes and the models we have used until now no longer reflect reality or hope. They therefore meet to support one another and to create a positive atmosphere that promotes the importance to unite. They will find themselves in unexpected complex situations, easing into unforeseen connections that demand instant responses.