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Hannah Adams:


My current specific choreographic interests lie within science influenced dance performance, and score based work, and exploration of translating science theory into performance scores. I have an innate desire to recognise and understand the ideas of others, and to approach the challenge of adopting and performing an artists work sensitiviely whilst maintaining my own personal style and identity as a dancer. The same applies in my approach to working with visiting artists or lecturers, in regard to my openness to allow new or re-realised concepts to influence and develop my practice. 

Pictures by Alka Nauman

Marta Stepien

Marta was born in Poland and she started her dance journey in ballet. During her studies, Marta had the opportunity to perform works by Paulina Wycichowska, Natalia Draganik and Janusz Stolarski. After several years of strict ballet rules, and pushing her body to the limits, she became curious about a more natural way of moving. She wanted to find out how to express herself through her body, but also how to feel pleasure in it. Marta tried to learn how to listen to her body, and how to respond to its needs. She really believes that through this process she can develop a better understanding of who she is as a dancer, but also as a person. During her MA studies on the DAP programme her main focus was performance, however she would also like to explore therapeutic values of dance, that’s why she chose modules like yoga and somatics.

Greta Gauhe

The foundation of Greta's contemporary dance career was laid at the Iwanson School of Contemporary Dance in Munich, and consolidated during a BA (Hons) in Dance Theatre as well as a Diploma in Dance Studies at the Trinity Laban Conservatoire in London. Thanks to the exhilarating London dance scene, she gradually realised the boundless range of possibilities for dance artists. Greta loves to explore and develop what dance has to offer, both as a performer and choreographer; but she also has the desire to engage with the public and other artists. This eventually led her to establish her own dance company: The Follow Through Collective. The company collaborates with artists from various backgrounds in order to combine different art forms on stage, often creating a multichannel experience for the audience. Her work draws attention to problems in our society and makes personal reflection tangible. In the meantime, she performed works by Florence Peake & Eve Stainton, Sasha Roubicek, Matthias Sperling, Matta Sakka, Anna Williams, Marie Yagami, and has been a dancer at the theatre in Würzburg. She is currently a MA in performance student at the London Contemporary Dance School and will continue her studies at Trinity Laban for the MFA in Choreography.


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